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Privacy Policy

This Policy has been updated in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. The lawful bases for processing data are set out in Article 6.

SDS is committed to safeguarding your privacy and this policy explains what information we hold on individuals and how we use it. You can, at any time, request removal of any details you do not want us to hold or use.

All our staff are trained in GDPR and are up-to-date on our privacy and data protection policies.

Contact Details

Unless an individual has chosen to provide us with a private email address (e.g. while booking a place on an event), all our contacts are professional contacts.

The only purpose of our email marketing is to make you aware of the events we run, and special offers related to those, to update you regarding your status on partially completed modular courses or to share professional information that might be of interest to you.

All our email marketing communications already offer an option to unsubscribe but, as required by the GDPR, individuals are entitled to further information about the details we hold on them, and how we use it. The following explains the key points.

  • The only information
  • The lawful basis on which we hold individuals’ contact information is ‘legitimate interest’, on the grounds that we are undertaking reasonable commercial activity with minimal invasion of privacy, in relation to services which we believe may benefit their professional work.
  • which we hold about individuals is business information which includes a maximum of: full name, job title, organisation, postal address, telephone contact and business email address. We do not, in any instance, undertake telephone marketing.
  • In addition to the option to unsubscribe which is on every marketing email from us, an individual can at any point contact us to ask us what information we hold on them, and we will provide a copy of that information free of charge, providing it is a reasonable request.

We do not sell, give, or otherwise pass on any of our data to any other organisations, with the following exceptions:

  • A list of participants (which states first name and surname only) is available on the day of training for signing in which verifies your attendance at the course.
  • A list of participants (which states first name, surname and email address) is given to our webcast provider for individual signing in purposes. Our webcast provider is acting as a Data Processor and bound by a GDPR
  • Our contracted developer for system maintenance acts as a Data Processor, has access to all data within our system and is bound by a GDPR-based contractual agreement.
  • Our financial and legal professional services act as Data Processors and have access to only to data required to fulfil their professional and legal duties and are also bound by GDPR
  • Website financial transactions are handled through our payment services providers. We will share information only to the extent necessary for the purposes of processing payments you make via our website.

Our data is collated from individuals purchasing our products (courses, webcasts, online courses, in-house training), or signing up for free materials available on our website. In all instances an agreement to our T&Cs and Privacy & Data Protection Policy is requested and required prior to creation of the record.

Filming and interactive/zoom broadcasting of training is a part of SDS Seminar events. The main focus of filming is the presenter, not the delegates. However, questions, discussion and role play are common parts of the training event and are of academic interest to viewers and participants of filmed and broadcast material. Equally questions and discussion broadcast by webcast/zoom participants is of interest to participants in the training room. For that reason such filming and broadcast is exempt from GDPR because of its academic “special purpose”. All client data should be anonymised and it is left to participants discretion the degree of personal disclosure they engage in.

The option to unsubscribe is always included in any promotional email we send out. If you do not wish for us to contact you in future, please click on the link provided to unsubscribe or email us.

After a course, we may give feedback, including attendance, to a funder of a delegate’s course place. We register all course delegates to provide certificates of attendance and any accreditation or approval attached to the course, or as a record for multi-module courses. Personal information is kept as a constant unique identifier for the individual. We keep this data indefinitely and enable delegates at any time to check their attendance, for CPD and to check on completion of multi-module courses and training logs. Any individual who does not want this information stored has a right to contact us and ask us to ‘forget them’. However, in event of the latter, individuals will be in a position where they will be unable to fully complete multi module certificates and diplomas or have their attendance verified by third parties such as registration bodies and employers, by SDS Seminars Ltd. Our courses provide some of the very best training in psychotherapy related areas, with courses having acquired national professional body Approval. This is of interest both to potential attendees as well as those who organise and fund such attendees.

We have a carefully segmented database of those who have requested information, those who have attended or bought a course before and those who may be interested due to their position. We update this database overall on an annual basis whilst removing individual data files of those who request it within 28 days.


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If you would like further information about the data we hold on you, please email