SDS Seminars Online

Working with Social Anxiety with Prof Paul Grantham



This two day course provides training on the application of CBT to Social Anxiety. This two-day course can be taken as an independent stand-alone course or as a module of:

You can build up gradually your CBT training portfolio by attending all the courses within the programme at the pace that suits you. All your training hours will be calculated, recorded in an individual validated log and accumulated towards your full Diploma.

Issues covered include:

  • Diagnostic criteria, symptoms and demographics
  • Beck et al (1985), Clark & Wells (1995) models
  • Assessing and formulating clients’ Anticipatory Phase – Selective attention to contextual cues, effortful processing and its effects
  • Assessing and formulating clients’ Situational Exposure Phase – Automatic Inhibitory behaviours (eg. blushing etc), ineffective safety behaviours (eg. avoidance of eye contact) and heightened self focus as a social object ( fear of disapproval/shame)
  • Assessing and formulating Post Event Processing – Biased recall and negative appraisals of past social performance with accompanying feelings of shame and embarrassment
  • Demonstration of assessment and formulation
  • The use of cognitive restructuring to address Anticipatory Phase problems (Demonstration and practice)
  • Developing clients’ Attentional Focus Shift during the client’s Situational Exposure Phase (Demonstration and practice)
  • Moderating client assumptions through the use of video feedback and behavioural experiments
  • The use of exposure to social mishaps
  • Moderating Post Event cognitive processing (Demonstration and practice)

Course tutor

Prof Paul Grantham
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, a Senior Associate of The Royal Society of Medicine, Accredited CBT Therapist, Honorary Professor of Clinical Psychology. With over 40 years of clinical experience, Paul is the Founder and Director of SDS, a bestselling author, an international presenter, and one of the most popular and inspirational tutors in the field of psychological skills training.

Course structure

  • 8 Part Video of a full live training event
  • Full course materials as a PDF (downloadable)
  • Personalised Certificate for 14 CPD Hours