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Working with Avoidant Negative Assumptions (Essential CBT Skills Series)



Despite its origins being nearly 2500 years old, Socratic Questioning (SQ) in therapy generally and specifically in CBT remains somewhat a mystery to many practitioners. SQ is based on the practice of disciplined and thoughtful dialogue that, on the first sight, appears simple, but in fact – is intensely rigorous. Despite lots of references to SQ as a cornerstone of cognitive therapy (C.Padesky, 1993), there is very little, almost nothing, written about it and how to conduct it. This video is an attempt to give practitioners clear explanation of SQ process and guidance about its use.

In this video Dr Fiona Kennedy, Clinical Psychologist and Accredited CBT Therapist, demonstrates the use of SQ in live session with the client, Pauline, who believes that she is not capable of making money.

Fiona explores this believe with Pauline in a fascinating Socratic dialogue. After the session Paul Grantham discusses it with Fiona, addressing various aspects of it, its outcomes and how SQ was used.

Suitable for therapists, teachers, and everyone involved in caring professions and changing people perceptions.

The structure of this training video:

  • Demonstration of the use of SQ by Dr Kennedy within a live session.
  • Discussion between Paul Grantham and Fiona Kennedy regarding the session and various aspects of the practical application of SQ in therapy.

This video material is part of a training series on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) that concentrates on introducing specific CBT techniques through a combination of demonstration, discussion and reflection. This video series is specifically designed as a TRAINING TOOL for everyone who works with clients and wants to learn more about this evidence-based effective therapeutic approach.

Course tutors

Dr. Fiona C. Kennedy BA (Hons), M Clin Psychol, D Clin Psy, AFBPS, C Psychol Fiona has a vast clinical experience in mental health and learning disability fields. She was a Board Member/Trustee for the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists (BABCP). She has an extensive experience of teaching and presenting, giving regular input to doctoral training programmes. Amongst many other research projects she has studied dissociation after trauma that led to a new theoretical model and scale, as well as innovative new treatments. The creation of an effective treatment service for self-harming, suicidal, ‘revolving door’ inpatients was quoted as an example of national excellence by the governments’ National Audit Office in its House of Commons report ‘Safer Patient Services’ 2005.

Prof Paul Grantham is a clinical psychologist with extensive NHS, Social Services and training experience. He has written on a range of therapy and helping issues. An extensively informed, clinically experienced and humorous speaker he is known for his emphasis on the practicalities rather than just the theory of client-based work. Paul is a founder and Director of SDS Seminars Ltd and one of the most popular and inspirational tutors in the field of psychological skills training.

Julia Budnik, MD, PhD Senior Training Consultant Julia is a qualified medical doctor with extensive clinical, managerial and teaching experience. She worked for a number of years overseas, in the NHS and privately. A qualified gastroenterologist, Julia has written extensively in the field. Her current interests lie in exploring ways to improve one’s health and quality of life through psychological & behavioural change. As a presenter Julia is particularly praised for her ability to make even the most difficult topic sound easy, interesting, practical and lively.

Course structure

  • Video
  • Online Test
  • Personalised Certificate for 1 CPD Hour

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