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Resilience: Prevention and Recovery from Traumatic Damage with Paul Grantham



A two day course providing (1) a research based understanding of the role of resilience and (2) key practical skills for both prevention and recovery from traumatic damage. It draws on early work by Werner which explored how and why around a third of children do not develop problems despite growing up in traumatic and abusive environments right through to Frederickson’s work on the protective role of positive emotions in developing resilience.

Areas covered include:

  • The key roles of diet, exercise and sleep are explored along with how to motivate your client to develop them
  • The psychological role of a “blaming” and inflexible thinking styles and how to help clients change these
  • How to help your client develop positive emotions towards past trauma such as benefit-finding, humour and optimism which have been found to have positive psychological and physiological protective effects
  • The role of group support and cohesion and how it can be used with both children and adults in recovery from trauma
  • How “survivor pride” can be developed in clients which enable a significant shift in both attitude towards past trauma as well as emotional reactions to such
  • Practical skills training relating to problem solving, personal goal setting and impulse control strategies are also outlined.
  • The development of perseverance in the face of trauma (in part) through the growth and articulation of personal values

Regarding the development of resilience in children in response to trauma, a number of successful programmes are shared through the two day course including:

  • Hart’s “Noble Truths” programme
  • Fantuzzo’s Resilient peer mentoring scheme
  • Penn Resiliency Program

This course is part of the BPS Approved Certificate in Trauma Treatments. You can gradually build up your training portfolio by attending all the courses within the programme at the pace that suits you. All your training hours will be calculated, recorded in an individual validated log and accumulated towards your full Certificate.

Course tutor

Paul Grantham
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, a Senior Associate of The Royal Society of Medicine, Accredited CBT Therapist. With over 40 years of clinical experience, Paul is the Founder and Director of SDS, a bestselling author, an international presenter, and one of the most popular and inspirational tutors in the field of psychological skills training.

Course structure

  • Full course video
  • Full course materials as a PDF (downloadable)
  • Personalised Certificate for 14 CPD Hours