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DBT Skills Training Groups: Interpersonal Effectiveness with Catherine Parker



This practical one-day course can be taken independently or as part of the BPS Approved Certificate in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Taught by highly qualified DBT practitioners, this course will give you the essential set of skills for running Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills Training Groups with your clients.

This one day training is both a stand-alone training module as well as one of the four skills training modules that form part of the BPS Approved Certificate in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

This module covers the six areas of DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills Training typically run over a six week period.

The three areas covered include:

  • Developing & Maintaining Relationships
  • Balancing Change & Acceptance in Relationships
  • Assertiveness & Interpersonal Problem Solving

Issues addressed:

  • Learning skills to get what you want and need from others
  • How to build relationships and end destructive ones
  • How to travel a middle path between change and acceptance in relationships
  • “DEAR MAN” strategy (Describe, Express, Assert, Reinforce, Mindfully, Appear confident, Negotiate)
  • “GIVE” technique (Gentle, Interested, Validate, Easy manner)
  • “FAST” technique (Fair, Avoid apologies, Stick to values, Truthful)
  • How Far Do You Go In Asking For Something & How Far Do You Go In Saying No?

BPS Approved Certificate in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy:

Module 1: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Two-Day Introductory Course

Module 2: DBT Skills Training Groups (STG):

Module 3: Assessed casebook assignment, consult group attendance, reports and test

Course tutor

Catherine Parker
Accredited CBT Therapist
Catherine Parker completed her intensive DBT training in 2001. She was a founder member of the Derbyshire DBT Service, delivering full programme DBT for over 15 years. Throughout her career as a psychotherapist, she has delivered DBT workshops within her NHS Trust and at local universities, sharing her practical experience of using DBT principles to treat a variety of diagnoses in both Talking Therapies and Community Mental Health settings. She has been the Chair of the DBT Special Interest Group of the BABCP since 2013, and has participated in a number of symposia and other events featuring DBT at the BABCP national conferences.

Course structure

  • Full Course Video
  • Full course materials as a PDF (downloadable)
  • Personalised Certificate for 7 CPD Hours