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BPS Approved Master Practitioner Diploma in CBT

Original price was: £9,444.00.Current price is: £6,000.00.

The BPS Approved Master Practitioner Diploma is designed to provide students with a comprehensive skills and theory based training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy covering in total 525 hours (min 450 hours) of training via different learning methods: direct tutor training, video demonstrations, practice, interactive online modules, post-course reading with assessed online tests (Evidenced Reading) and Case Formulation submissions.

The course is designed to largely be based on a 50:50 Theory/Skills split.

Through these means, the course enables students to achieve a proficiency in CBT and receive a Master Practitioner Diploma in CBT (MPD CBT) completion.

The structure of the Diploma is modular. Each module is designed to be an individual self-contained course on a chosen topic. Most are designed around problem areas, whilst others look at strategies, techniques and professional/ethical issues. All modules are designed in such a way that they can be taken in any order or individually, although it is recommended that you take the Introductory 3 day Certificate (CBT: Introductory Course) EITHER first OR close to your first few Diploma modules.

There are more hours available in CBT Diploma Modules (525 hours in total) than the minimum requirement of 450. The additional courses give you more flexibility in choosing the topics that of relevance to you and your professional development. CBT: Introductory Course and Socratic Questioning Workshop (or SQ for Eating Disorders) are the mandatory modules for this Diploma.

The Diploma as a whole is designed for those with a first degree and is taught at a university post-graduate level. However, individual course modules are open access.

We are moving to a “flipped learning model”. In plain language that means that all your training course modules (but one) can be accessed instantly via recording which you can view at anytime and anywhere. Certain modules are available as both live zoom courses and recordings. The choice is yours.

Once you’ve signed up for the Diploma, your training course gains THREE ADDITIONAL FEATURES:

  • Exclusive Access to an ANNUAL FREE 1 hour CBT supervision with Paul Grantham, Course Director
  • Exclusive FREE Access to the full library of past CBT tutorials
  • UNLIMITED email support with Paul Grantham, Course Director

We allow you to complete the modules of the course at your own pace according to your personal circumstances although typically it is anticipated that this should be completed over a 1-2 year period. Fees operate as EITHER discounted payment for the whole Diploma in advance OR on a module by module basis.

Specific Case Formulations form part of the self-directed skills element of the Diploma. There are fourteen of such modules representing a total of twenty eight case formations and treatment plans that require submission. Further Details about Case Formulations

Most Training modules also have assessed reading lists (Evidenced Reading) attached to them. Chapters, articles and web pages typically have public domain availability minimising the need to purchase books for the course. Each reading list is assessed via an online test which are designed as simple methods of checking that reading has occurred and been understood rather than as an onerous obstacle that students should be expected to “cram” for. The tests may be taken as many times as is necessary in order to reach the Pass mark (which is 75%). Further Details about Evidenced Reading

Our course tutors are all Accredited CBT Therapists and/or Accredited CBT Tutors, are extensively experienced both as practitioners and CBT Trainers. The course Clinical Lead is Paul Grantham, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Founder and Director of SDS Seminars.

Diploma Outline

Available Total Hours: 525

  • Courses 273 Hours
  • Case Formulation 96 Hours
  • Evidenced Reading 156 Hours

Min Total Hours to Qualify for the Diploma: 450

There are more modules available than the minimum requirement so you can have a certain degree of flexibility in choosing your topics. Course Outline in a table format.

Once you’ve signed up for any Module of the Diploma your training has THREE NEW ADDITIONAL FEATURES:

  • Exclusive Access to an ANNUAL FREE 1 hour CBT supervision with Paul Grantham, Course Director
  • Exclusive FREE Access to the full library of past CBT tutorials
  • UNLIMITED email support with Paul Grantham, Course Director

Diploma Payment Options

Option 1:

Spread the cost – pay per course as you go along. This option gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of allocation of your time and finances.

Option 2:

Pay for the whole course and save over 30%: £5000 + vat (£6000) This is over £2500 saving in total. This option protects you from a potential future price increase and also enables you to save almost a third off the Diploma price.