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BPS Approved Certificate in Trauma Treatments

Original price was: £1,416.00.Current price is: £1,200.00.

The BPS Approved Certificate in Trauma Treatments consists of 4 modules / 8 training days that can be booked together or separately as individual courses and a number of follow-up courses to sustain/advance your level of Accreditation.

The course is designed to provide both an up-to-date theoretical overview of a selection of trauma treatment approaches along with their practical application within a range of practice environments.

Four Core Modules of the BPS Approved Certificate in Trauma Treatments:

The focus will be on separate modules relating to Trauma’s Psychopathology & Treatment including:

  • a broad overview of approaches from the Somatic Therapies (Levine, Rothschild & Van Der Kolk), through CBT to EMDR;
  • CBT approaches to PTSD (Ehlers, Clark & Brewin);
  • new approaches to traumatic grief & loss (focusing on Solution Focused approaches and challenges to pathologised models of trauma);
  • resilience for prevention & recovery from traumatic damage (a review of current research and practice, laying the groundwork for training in the promotion of resilience in children, adolescents & adults).

After each individual module delegates will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance.

Delegates will receive a full BPS Approved Certificate of Assessed Academic Competence after attending all 4 modules of the course (60 CPD Hours).

The structure of the certificate is as follows:

Trauma: Psychopathology and Treatment (2 days)

This two day course provides a broad practical and theoretical overview of current approaches to treating trauma from a range of theoretical and therapeutic perspectives, such as Somatic Therapies, Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, Adaptive Information Processing, EMDR and others.

CBT for Working with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (2 days)

A practical two day course for those who work with survivors of trauma, from RTA to childhood abuse. The day combines an overview of the current understanding of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with case discussion, demonstration and treatment.

New Approaches to Traumatic Grief and Loss (2 days)

Grief Counselling and Grief Therapy have been strongly influenced over the last thirty years by “stage models” of grief – from Kubler-Ross onwards. However, over the last decade new therapeutic perspectives and research has seriously challenged some of the commonly held assumptions about grief & loss work and their therapeutic implications. Additionally there are particular factors about “traumatic grief” that provide particular challenges to the practitioner.

Resilience: Prevention and Recovery from Traumatic Damage (2 days)

A two day course providing (1) a research based understanding of the role of resilience and (2) key practical skills for both prevention and recovery from traumatic damage. It draws on early work by Werner which explored how and why around a third of children do not develop problems despite growing up in traumatic and abusive environments right through to Frederickson’s work on the protective role of positive emotions in developing resilience.

Optional Follow Up Courses (not included into the course price):

Course tutors

Paul Grantham
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, a Senior Associate of The Royal Society of Medicine, Accredited CBT Therapist. With over 40 years of clinical experience, Paul is the Founder and Director of SDS, a bestselling author, an international presenter, and one of the most popular and inspirational tutors in the field of psychological skills training.

Dr Andrew Beck.
Past President of BABCP, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, lead on the Children and Families module of the Manchester Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Senior Lecturer on the Children and Young People’s Talking Therapies programme, Member of the BABCP Scientific Committee and is the former Chair of the Equality and Culture Special Interest Group of the BABCP.

Course structure

  • Full course video for each course
  • Full course materials as a PDF (downloadable)
  • Personalised CPD Certificate after each course
  • Final exam and overall certificate