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BPS Approved Certificate in CBT for Children and Adolescents



This innovative and comprehensive 19 day Certificate provides participants with skills to use the core principles of CBT with Children and Adolescents. It was designed for SDS Seminars Ltd by Dr Andrew Beck, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, Senior Lecturer on the Children and Young People’s Talking Therapies programme, a member of the BABCP Scientific Committee, a President of BABCP (2020).

The course consists of:

The course emphasises strong links between theory and practice with a particular focus on the development of practical skills used in the treatment of commonly occurring emotional and behavioural problems.

You will develop skills in assessment, formulation and treatment of mental health problems with particular emphasis on how these need to be adapted to take into account the cognitive and emotional development of the child, the culture and context of the child and family and the presence of neuro-developmental disorders such as ADHD, Learning Difficulties or Autism.

The course pays particular attention to the need to embed assessment, formulation and treatment in the family system and to include parents as co-therapists wherever possible. To support this work the course includes teaching on engaging and supporting parents and teachers to utilise CBT techniques to aid the development of a child’s social and emotional regulation, and to develop skills in the implementation of strategies to manage externalising behaviours.

The course also considers the impact of childhood trauma on the development of mental health problems and enable participants to understand the degree to which a history of trauma might need to be taken into account as well as the degree to which culture, religion and ethnicity need to be considered when adapting CBT for children and young people.

Issues covered include:

Course tutors

Dr Andrew Beck
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, BABCP President

Dr Andrew Beck. President of BABCP, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, lead on the Children and Families module of the Manchester Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Senior Lecturer on the Children and Young People’s Talking Therapies programme, Member of the BABCP Scientific Committee and is the former Chair of the Equality and Culture Special Interest Group of the BABCP.

Dr Angela Latham
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Dr Angela Latham is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist based in Cheshire and North Wales. She has extensive experience working in CAMHS and in early years in the Manchester area. She also has specialist skills in teaching and training having developed numerous training packages and held the position of CYP-Talking Therapies Parent Lead.

Lisa Anderson
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Lisa Anderson is an HCPC registered Consultant Forensic Psychologist and Clinical Psychologist. She is also a fully accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with BABCP. She has over 18 years’ experience as a clinician and an academic and has worked within child mental health and adult services, where she has provided assessment, interventions, and supervision in both the NHS and private sector. 

Dr Rebecca Linnell
Principal Clinical Psychologist

Dr Rebecca Linnell worked in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in Manchester for over 10 years, in 2012 she joined the Psychological Therapies Training Centre in Salford to develop the CYP Talking Therapies programme, a Government initiative aiming to transform children’s mental health services. For many years she’s been involved in training mental health professionals, leading the CBT Pathway of the Postgraduate Diploma in Evidence-based Psychotherapies for Children and Young People.

Certificate’s Structure:

  • CBT Introductory Course (3-day BPS Approved Certificate) (always booked separately – live or as a recording, not included into the total price)
  • 14 Modules on CBT Children and Adolescents – video recordings of full training events, 16 days in total (can be taken in any order), can be booked individually or as one booking
  • Full course materials for each course as a downloadable PDF file
  • Personalised Certificate for each individual course

Once you’ve completed all Certificate’s modules, you need to email SDS Office at to arrange your final test, after which you will receive your full BPS Approved Certificate.