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Advanced Supervision Skills (Updated/New Developments) with Paul Grantham



This practical one day course has been fully updated and can be taken as a module of the BPS Approved Certificate in Clinical Supervision or as an independent training for experienced supervisors. As before, the course addresses common supervisory issues including internet based supervision, running Supervision Groups, and supervising other supervisors.

With plenty of opportunities for asking questions and sharing your own problems and successes in clinical supervision, this course is the perfect opportunity to refresh and fine-tune your practice as a supervisor.

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This one day course addresses three separate advanced supervision issues:

  • Conducting internet based supervision (inc. video based supervision, email and messaging)
  • Running Supervision Groups (as opposed to 1:1 supervision, inc. video based group supervision)
  • Supervising supervisors

Conducting internet based supervision (inc. video based supervision, email and messaging)

Internet developments in the supervision field were accelerated by the pandemic – as were so many other developments in our field. Whereas beforehand online supervision was both rare and preoccupied by GDPR, now a whole host of new issues have developed which require consideration.

These include:

  • How to supervise online those whose work with clients is itself video based
  • Setting and security issues for both supervisor and supervisee – especially related to WFH
  • New developments in the use of non-video based internet methods – for both supervision and work with clients
  • Changing professional body attitudes towards internet therapy AND internet supervision
  • The impact of internet communication on both the supervision relationship and the therapeutic relationship
  • Common pitfalls of internet therapy and supervision and how to avoid them

Running Supervision Groups

Supervision groups are one of the most commonly used supervision models, yet with the least written about them combined with the need for the most demanding skill set.

The course will exam a number of issues including:

  • How to run video based online supervision groups
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • Advantages and limitations of group supervision
  • Peer group flat structures vs fixed supervisor facilitator vs rotating facilitator
  • The use of supervision group exercises
  • Group processes as they apply to supervision groups and how to manage them

Supervising Supervisors

If the literature on supervision is thin on the ground, there is an even greater lack of guidance or even recognition of the need for supervisors to receive supervision. Many supervisors in private practice either combine this need with their own practice supervision or ignore the issue altogether. In employed environments, there are many supervisors who may supervise supervisors but receive no guidance on what their role is or its aims. Professional bodies also frequently ignore the whole question. There are the beginnings however of new thinking on the supervision of supervisors including the development of competency criteria and assessment and the mapping of supervision models onto “the supervision of supervision”

This course will address the following and highlight new developments:

  • The argument for supervision of supervisors.
  • The formal relationship between a supervisor and their own supervisor
  • What should the aims of such supervision be?
  • Supervisor skillset – a new skillset or simply a new application?
  • A template for supervising supervisors

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Course tutor

Paul Grantham
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Director of SDS Seminars
Paul Grantham, is a clinical psychologist with extensive NHS, Social Services and training experience. He has written on a range of therapy and helping issues. An extensively informed, clinically experienced and humorous speaker he is known for his emphasis on the practicalities rather than just the theory of client-based work. Paul is a founder and Director of SDS Seminars Ltd and one of the most popular and inspirational tutors in the field of psychological skills training.

Course structure

  • Full Course Video
  • Full course materials as a PDF (downloadable)
  • Personalised Certificate for 7 CPD Hours