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Working with Phobias with Paul Grantham – 7 CPD Hours

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This one day course provides training on the application of CBT to Phobias. The day covers simple phobias as well as agoraphobia, theories of phobic reactions and a range of CBT interventions as they apply to these anxiety based problems. This one-day course can be taken as an independent stand-alone course or as a module of:

You can build up gradually your CBT training portfolio by attending all the courses within the programme at the pace that suits you. All your training hours will be calculated, recorded in an individual validated log and accumulated towards your full Diploma.

Issues covered include:

  • Types of phobic reaction and demographics
  • Conditioning and cognitive theories of phobic reactions inc. preparedness and observational learning
  • Clark & Wells theory of social phobia
  • The principle and practicalities of graded exposure (imaginal and live)
  • The role of behavioural experiments in challenging safety behaviours
  • Addressing negative cognitions and selective attention issues

Areas covered include:

  • Assessment and formulation
  • A brief history of theories of phobia development – from simple to complex
  • A clear evidence protocol for assessment and formulation
  • Imaginal vs live exposure – what to use when and how
  • Key practical tips for successful exposure…but why exposure is not enough
  • Addressing safety behaviours and how they differ from coping strategies
  • Strategies for shifting attentional focus
  • Using feedback and addressing post-exposure ruminations

Course tutor

Prof Paul Grantham
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, a Senior Associate of The Royal Society of Medicine, Accredited CBT Therapist, Honorary Professor of Clinical Psychology. With over 40 years of clinical experience, Paul is the Founder and Director of SDS, a bestselling author, an international presenter, and one of the most popular and inspirational tutors in the field of psychological skills training.

Course structure

  • Video of a full live training event
  • Full course materials as a PDF (downloadable)
  • Personalised Certificate for 7 CPD Hours