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Trauma & Trauma-Informed Practice with Eva Roussou – 6 CPD Hours

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Our understanding of trauma, its mechanisms and impact, is increasing at an unprecedented speed. More than ever before, we have clear insights in how trauma is experienced in the brain, how it influences relationships and other areas of functioning, how it affects a person’s physical health, sense of self and their worldview. We understand how toxic stress resulting from trauma affects families, communities and professional systems.

In the light of that, a growing number of mental health providers are recognising the prevalence of trauma in the populations they serve and the need for appropriate responses. Practitioners, services, organisations and entire cities have embarked on the journey of trauma awareness.

In this course we will consider:

  • Extended definitions of trauma and the development of trauma thinking
  • Its nature and impact, with an emphasis on complex forms of trauma
  • Clinical issues, such as neurobiology for psychoeducation, diagnosis and current treatment developments
  • What constitutes trauma-informed practice, frameworks and principles
  • Implementing trauma informed principles in your practice or setting
  • The impact of working with trauma on practitioners and active self-resourcing

This course is suitable for those working with trauma, for non-specifically trauma-focused practitioners, and for managers and supervisors in the mental health and social care sector.

Being trauma-informed is more than gaining theoretical knowledge about trauma. It is about being able to implement research and clinical practice findings to every aspect of service provision, whether we are working in private practice, community services or inpatient, residential or custodial settings. It is about actively mitigating re-traumatisation, improving outcomes for clients and creating environments where practitioners can remain well-resourced in themselves.

Course tutor

Eva Roussou, Consultant in Trauma-Informed Practice, Clinical & Counselling Psychologist, Systemic Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor
Eva Roussou is a Consultant in Trauma-Informed Practice, providing clinical supervision, training and organisational consultancy in the criminal justice, forensic mental health, social care, homelessness and the women’s sectors. She has designed and delivered training to professionals in the U.K. and abroad in a range of trauma-related subjects since 2007.

Course structure

  • 3-Part Video
  • Full course materials as a PDF (downloadable)
  • Personalised Certificate for 6 CPD Hours