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Motivational Interviewing & Beyond with Paul Grantham – 14 CPD Hours

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This two-day online training course introduces students to Motivational Interviewing (MI) whilst also addressing additional evidence based motivational issues and strategies.

You’ll be taken through a range of techniques, strategies and tips designed to improve your motivational skills whatever your client group – from treatment non-compliance (with the particular emphasis on the issue of motivating antagonistic clients and low mood/inactive clients) through dealing with offending behaviour to working with those with severe mental health problems.

The course is essential for practitioners working with a wide range of client groups – from adolescents to older people; from offenders to those with mental health problems.

Approved by the British Psychological Society for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Can be taken as an individual two-day course or as a part of a Certificate in Resource Based Therapies.

This evidence-based training covers the following issues:

  • Practical ideas from MI, environmental psychology and learning theory
  • Why information-giving often doesn’t work as a motivational strategy
  • How arousal level is related to motivation and what to do about it
  • The unrecognised problem of “understandability” and motivation
  • How to motivate clients who do not want to talk to you or even be in the same room as you!
  • How what your client SAYS increases what they DO afterwards…and how to elicit it!
  • How to prevent and manage resistance more effectively
  • Effective evidence-based strategies for all practitioners – whether working in long term therapeutic relationships or with brief 5 minute contacts

Course outline:

  • How do we currently try to motivate clients
    • Outline of common styles
    • Strengths and limitations of such styles
    • Discussion
  • Arousal & Motivation
    • Yerkes-Dodson & the 21st century
    • Why are ‘low energy’ clients unmotivated and what can be done about it?
    • Force-Field Analysis: A powerful tool for assessing & increasing motivation
  • Stages of change model & implications for motivational strategies
  • The MI process of Engage, Focusing, Evoking & Planning
  • Pre-Contemplators: The forgotten client group
    • Why do we have totally unmotivated clients
    • General principles for motivating “unmotivated clients”
    • “Depressed”, “Inactive” & “Low Energy” clients
    • “Rebellious”, “Compulsory Attendance” clients…or ones who simply hate you
  • Video illustration
  • The use of OARS (Open Questions, Affirmations, Reflections & Summary)
  • Working with uncertain or ambivalent clients
    • Key principles and attitudes on information giving and handling resistance
    • The role of change statements and how to elicit them
    • Working with clients with variable motivation. Video illustration
  • Goal setting & Feedback For Increasing Motivation
    • Powerful tools for good and bad
    • Making goal setting more effective
    • Increasing the effectiveness of feedback
  • Understanding Maintenance of Change and ensuring that your work with clients is not simply a pattern of repeated change followed by repeated relapse
    • The role of practice, routines and rituals
    • Social support as a key success factor
    • Handling relapse

Course tutor

Paul Grantham
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, a Senior Associate of The Royal Society of Medicine, Accredited CBT Therapist. With over 40 years of clinical experience, Paul is the Founder and Director of SDS, a bestselling author, an international presenter, and one of the most popular and inspirational tutors in the field of psychological skills training.

Course structure

  • Full course video
  • Full course materials as a PDF (downloadable)
  • Personalised Certificate for 14 CPD Hours