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PWP: How to deal with “complexity” as a PWP (Interview)

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This interview covers a range of issues including:

  • Options available here with a client presenting in this way with more than one diagnostic problem such as anxiety AND Depression
  • The issue of single-strand vs multi-strand work
  • Complexity which includes problems that include Step 3 work – for example Depression and PTSD
  • The role of the cognitive cycle in dealing with Complexity
  • Complexity created by financial constraints or chaotic lifestyle
  • Dynamic complexity such as the emergence of additional mental health problems such as Panic Attacks (which weren’t present at the original assessment) OR new priorities that crop up for the client in the middle of work such as a sick child.

Course Tutor: 

Eve Bampton-Wilton is a PWP Clinical Practice Lead involved LICBT since 2015. She’s responsible for the innovation and development of a large low-intensity workforce and has recently developed a pilot Post-Graduate Diploma to facilitate PWP’s wishing to progress to more senior roles.

Course Structure:

  • Full video
  • Personalised Certificate for 40 CPD minutes